– The Arbor School, Dubai. (www.thearborschool.ae)

The Arbor school is an ecological school in Dubai based on the national curriculum of England. The school offers a unique ecological approach to learning within a positive and caring school environment. The Arbor school is home to innovative problem solvers and creative thinkers with a strong set of ethical values and a deep understanding of the world we live in today. Pupils are encouraged to be engaged, resourceful, curious problem solvers whilst connecting with nature and their world.

– Modern British School, Sohag. (www.mbs-sohag.com)

The Modern British School in Sohag is a national private school in Sohag New City that teaches the Egyptian national curriculum with an added emphasis on the English language. The school focuses o the teaching of ethics and etiquettes to its students who are encouraged to have fun and engage with the MBS pedagogical approach to learning.

– Harvard International School, Alexandria. (www.harvardschool-alex.com)

The Harvard School of Alexandria is newly establish British International School located in the east of Alexandria. The school aims to offer international educational at an affordable prices with an added focus on the teachings of phonics and advanced English language skills.

– Al Nibras International Bilingual School (www.nis.edu.kw)

Al Nibras International Bilingual School was established in 2009 in Kuwait and provides inclusive educational programs for PreK-12 students. The school is a member of UNESCO’s Global Network of Schools and is housed on a campus of approximately 18,000 square meters. Faculty and staff are multinational, multiethnic, and multicultural. Beyond academic programs, multidisciplinary learning specialists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, nurses, social workers, counselors, and physiotherapists provide the needed support services for Al Nibras students.